Kiwanis Club of Fukushima, Children’s Fund


Greeting from the chairman

In Fukushima prefecture, many people are still putting up with the inconvenience of un unsettled lifestyle due to the big earthquake of the East Japan and the nuclear accident. In addition, more than 10000 chiildren have already escaped to other places outside of Fukushima prefecture to avoide bad influence of radioactivity, which made family members live separately.

The Kiwanis club of Fukushima has been engaged in support activities like presenting the Kiwanis dolls to the children in the evacuation centers, and so on. But without enough funds because of small members(less than 30)of Kiwanis club members, the Kiwanis Club set up the Kiwanis Club of Fukushima, childern’s funds from our desire to support more children in this serious situtaion. With much donation from Kiwanis Club members all around the world, we will be able to use it to support children in wider areas. For information on our support activity, we will provide through the home page.

It would be appreciated if you understand Kiwanis Club and cooperate Kiwanis Club children’s funds.

Minoru OTA, president kiwanis Club of Fukushima

Kiwanis Club Of Fukushima, Children’s Fund.

Kiwanis Club Of Fukushima, Children’s Fund was established for the purpose of supporting children suffering from damage of the Great East Japan Eerthquake occured in March 11th, 2011

Monetary donation taken up from Kiwanian in Japan and the rest of the world is used extensively to support children in accordance with the Spirit of Kiwanis, which is the purpose of the children’s Fund.

Bank Account

〔Bank Account〕 [Bank account for payment of donation]
  The toho bank,ltd. Minami Fukushima Branch
  Saving account number:661383
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  Kiwanis Club Of Fukushima, Children’s Fund
  Representative:Ayako WAGO